Why learning computer science is important?

We live in a world that computer is everywhere–in our pocket, wrapped around our waist, embedded in our cars, and in our lightbulbs. Computers have changed our world for better and will continue to do so in the next few decades. More and more countries are investing in their future by investing in computer science (CS) education. Britain, Japan, and the U.S. have invested billions of dollars in educating their children about computer science. Computer skills and coding skills are required regardless the fields of work. In the next decade, nearly every child in the U.S. will be taking CS classes.

Why us?

Our classes are designed for the thought leaders of tomorrow. We highly value computational thinking skills. While we agree that coding is a critical part of CS education, it is not our sole focus. We let kids practice their computational thinking by solving real problems.


We believe interest and passion are the best teachers. We add lots of fun and interaction as two key ingredients to our class. We reinvent and simplify so computer science is more comprehensible than ever. We use real life examples to illustrate complicated concepts.


We hire the best from the best instructors. Our instructors are computer science major students from top notch universities. Our team possess years of experience in teaching kids.