Intermediate Level

Target audience

This class is designed for kids from 9 to 12. 

About the course

Intermediate computer class is an extension and improvement of the introductory class. Children get started through graphical programming and gradually transition to language programming. From multiple perspectives of game design and mathematical problem solving, the classroom allows children to use the knowledge learned in the classroom, think abstractly, and use computers to solve practical problems.

We follow the following principles: 
  • From the shallower to the deeper, step by step. We use graphical programming and language programming to go hand in hand, gradually over. We use seemingly simple and interesting games to stimulate children’s creative enthusiasm and gradually cultivate computational thinking skills.
  • Thought exercises and program exercises are carried out at the same time. The content and exercises of the class have been carefully designed, and the children can train their thinking and improve their programming skills as they complete the exercises.
  • Interactive. We break the test-oriented education format of teachers’ long talks and students’ obscurity, and let students become masters of learning.


Graphical and language programming

  • Use the program to draw geometric figures
  • Use of variablesInput and output
  • Transformation of graphics and language programs


  • Loop and procedure control
  • For loop and practice
  • Use and practice of forever loop
  • The use and practice of while loop
  • Labs


  • Design function
  • Design user interface call function
  • Function input and output
  • Use functions to solve mathematical problems

Data structure and algorithm

  • Array
  • List
  • Use of array and list calculations
  • Computer algorithm

What will you achieve

  • Form a relatively complete computer thinking and knowledge system preliminarily
  • Complete simple algorithm design problems independently

What is needed

To attend this class, you only need,

  • A desktop or laptop computer,  separate keyboard is strongly recommended, which is convenient for classroom exercises.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What prior knowledge is required to take this class? 

This class is designed for kids with NO prior knowledge in computer. 

Q: Will my kids learn about developing Apps or games? 

This class teaches computational thinking. Kids will learn how to break down a problem into steps so a computer can solve it. Our goal is kids learn the ability of thinking in an algorithmic way. Kids can design their own games after all these learnings.  

Q: Can I cancel my registration? 

You can cancel within the first 2 classes for any reasons. You will receive a pro-rated refund. You only pay for the class taken.