Curriculum structure and class details

We currently offer six classes as shown in the image below. The dependency of the classes is depicted in the pyramid. For example, to take Python II, we recommend a student to complete of Introductory, Intermediate, and Python I as prerequisite. The student can also take Python II if he/she possesses equivalent level of knowledge. Please click on the button on the right to learn more details about each class. 

Class schedule and registration

We have multiple schedule options of each class. Please click the buttons below to register. You will be able to select your preferred time at registration.  

Option 1: Monday 6:00 PM EST

Option 2: Sunday 4:00 PM EST; 

Option 3: Sunday 10:00 AM EST

Option 1: Thursday 6:00 PM EST

Option 2: Sunday 3:00 PM EST

Option 1: Tuesday 6:00 PM EST

Option 2: Sunday 12:00 PM EST

Option 1: Sunday 11:00 AM EST

Option 2: Sunday 2:00 PM EST

Option 1: Wednesday 6:00 PM EST

Option 2: Sunday 4:00PM EST

Option 1: Thursday 6:00 PM EST

Option 2: Sunday 3:00 PM EST

Prefer other times? Please let us know by filling the form below.