Kids Computer Class Reinvented 

by Dr. Li from Columbia University

Why us
Computer science education reinvented for kids; developed by Dr. Li from Columbia University

Computer education redesigned

Computer science reinvented and simplified for your kids.

Star instructors

We only hire the best. Our teachers are from top notch U.S. universities.

Computing thinking

We focus on the learning of expressing problems and solving problems in computational ways. This practices the mental skills and practices for designing instructions that gets computers to do the job.


We believe "People with passion can change the world". We use real life examples to illustrate complicated concepts.

Practice by solving problems

Many quantitative and data-centric problems can be solved using computational thinking. We let kids practicing their computational thinking by solving real problems


Our education programs are loved by hundreds of students in North America.

Founder and teacher

Dr. Qingwei Li is an artificial intelligence expert from Amazon Web Services and has many years of experience and deep understanding of computer science and mathematics. Dr. Li is also a lecturer at Columbia University in the United States. He is liked by many students for his humorous teaching style. More importantly, Dr. Li is also the father of two 9 and 7 year old boys.

4+ years of teaching experience at Columbia University

Ph.D. degree in Operations Research (computer+math)
Research direction: Combining mathematics and large-scale calculations to solve large-scale integer programming problems

10+ years using cloud computing and artificial intelligence methods to solve practical problems

Star INstructors

Avantika Naik

Carnegie Mellon University
computer science

Rianna Campbell

Carnegie Mellon University
computer science

Christine Mathews

rutgers University computer science
AND Electrical & Computer Engineering


Dr. Li’s computer course is very popular among North American parents and students. Students are located in more than 20 states in the United States, and hundreds of students have completed their studies.

Dr. Li brings his knowledge as a university professor and a career in data science combined with humor and compassion to connect children of any age–Alex Marvin, New Jersey, USA

We feel lucky that we have the opportunity to take the computer class with Dr. Li. My kids enjoy the class with Dr. Li and they have learned a lot from Dr. Li — Florida, I-Leng Chan

Dr. Li is very patient with kids and very knowledgable. He is making the classes fun. My 8-year-old son really enjoys Dr. Li’s computer class –Ping Zhou, Massachusetts, USA 

Dr. Li is great at connecting with kids of any age and (my kid) enjoys his teaching–Kavitha Lakshmann, Tennessee USA. 

Dr. Li’s Kids Computer Class provides high-quality courses, designs for 7-14 years old.

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